The first italian tekken championship


Friends, more than colleagues

We created ITL as a group of friends, sharing our passion for competitive gaming. We strive to create a fair and fun competitive environment for everyone playing tekken in Italy.
Our team is comprised of many talents, ranging from graphic design, economics, project managing and event organizing.

ITL Events

Over the Top III [SUPER]
November 10th 2018
Catania, CT
Doomination II [SUPER]
December 15th 2018
Padova, PD
Only The Best II [ULTRA]
January 12th 2019
Napoli, NA
The Divine Challenge [SUPER]
February 15th 2019
Livorno, LI
Battledome III [ULTRA]
March 30th 2019
Malpensa, MI
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Find your placement in the league standings

The ITL championship assigns points to each tournament attendee, based on placements in the events. Everyone, pro or not, has it’s name on the national standings